3 Steps to Caring for Your Swimwear

Three step guide to caring for you swimwear - it's easy


1. Hand wash in cold water after swimming 
2. Use gentle soap only or no soap just water soak
3. Lay flat in the shade to dry


- Don't machine wash - the lycra in the fabric is very sensitive to heat it will perish and the fabric will become saggy

- Don't hang in the sun to dry and forget about them for days - the colour will faded and become patchy and the elastic my also perish

- Don't use washing powder or liquid to wash - the fabric will deteriorate much quicker than it should

- Don't wash in hot water

- Don't bleach

- Don't tumble dry

- Don't place on rough surfaces

So you worked hard and earned money to live and to buy stuff, nice stuff. And maybe you've spent some of that money on a swimsuit.
Probably Swim makes high quality swimwear our quality control is strict and we put a lot of effort into designing and then fitting after fitting to get the shape just right. Then there are our specialist machinists who lend their talents to manufacturing each garment. Out of respect for the whole process and respect for the planet and respect for the time it took you to earn the money to buy these swimmers make sure you follow the care instructions so that your swimmers won't end up in landfill after one season. Care for yourself, care for others, care for the planet, care for your things.

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